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We spoke to Stephen Elliott about his meticulously curated prefab "Mono," designed and built by DROP Structures. Each element of the interior fit out of the structure has been equally considered by its origin, and the practicality of it being functional in a bare-necessities dwelling.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your Mono Structure.

I have a small bit of undeveloped land in a rural county about 90 minutes from Portland. After camping on the land for a couple of seasons, the next step was to add a small shack to make it less of a chore to enjoy time there.


The Mono structure was a good compromise between wanting to build a small shack myself, and the reality of the time available to do so. In finding a superb prefab, I was readily able to get 90% of what I wanted in a structure. Time could then be given in fits and starts to building out the interior and lighting, a two-headed effort that I both enjoy and find challenging.



Every element of the interior has been fitted with well-researched pieces- what inspired you to curate your space so carefully?

My son and I live in a small apartment and have had to adjust by necessity to only bringing things into our home that can prove their worth and utility. The need to carefully choose what is added to a space when you have so few square feet is darn important. So in a word, what drove the design was - necessity.



You have fitted the walls with our Pegboards, what made you choose these over other shelving or storage options?

I had originally envisioned something much different for storage designs. I'd dreamed up a wonderful, lightweight set of String shelving system components that would offer shelves, cabinets, fold-out tables - pretty much everything. But when I looked at their intrusion into the structure's interior, however minimal, it made me rethink what had once seemed like a sole option.

I saw a custom pegboard wall at a small architect's office here in Portland, Oregon and thought 'that looks superb'. After initially researching the subject, I found few available options and most looked to be made with less care that I'd hoped. Still, the premise looked good: storage shelves for camping gear today, shelving and flush wardrobe hanging options if converted to a detached bedroom in the future, or maybe just workshop storage for an amazing studio someday.



Continued research led me to George & Willy, and the design and quality instantly sold me. Meter-square sizing, aircraft/exterior-grade untreated birch ply (just like the existing interior walls!), the careful edge finishing, and the underside scalloping added to hold the pegs securely and attractively told me that these were made by someone who loves their craft.

I hung the pegboards using heavy-duty aluminum French cleats and about a zillion stainless wood screws. I feel that the pegboards will be on the walls forever, and will meet the needs of today and all the days to come. Thank you for making them.


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