The A-Frame Sign, it's our take on the traditional A-frame sign and sandwich board. It commands the perfect amount of attention, grabbing people's eyes but not distracting from the branding or messaging displayed on the board. It has a level of sophistication matched with a slight character that allows it to complement a wide range of aesthetics, we love it. It's also built from high-quality aluminum so it will never rust. 

There are many ways you can use and get the most from your A-Frame Sandwich Board, but here are five of our favorite. 

A Sandwich Board Greeting for Your Gallery

You don't even have to own a gallery for this one, but a nice warm greeting for people is a great way to catch their eye and make them feel welcome. You can have fun with this one, people love language they can relate to or you can even say something unsuspecting. People also never expect to see a friendly welcome on a sidewalk sign, so seeing an A-Frame Sign with a friendly welcome is a great introduction to your gallery.

A frame sign, Metal A frame sign, Sandwich board, Sidewalk sign, Pavement sign

A-frame Sign for Your Wedding

Getting the finer details perfected for your wedding day isn't the easiest of tasks, however, the A-Frame Sign has your back. The Sidewalk sign can direct people where to go, let them know where to park or you can even put the menu on it. Whatever you do you can be assured the a-frame sandwich board will look great. 

The above photo is at a friend's wedding. They borrowed the sign from us last minute and got these deals made. Since their wedding, we have been inundated with requests from friends to borrow this A-Frame Sign as it still has the branding on it.

A frame sign, Metal A frame sign, Sandwich board, Sidewalk sign, Pavement sign

Use a Sandwich Board for Displaying Your Studio Hours

Let people know when you're going to be there in a way they will actually read using the A-Frame Sign. You could put vinyl on the window like everyone else, or you could put the vinyl on a sandwich board sign and be unique. It's the small touches that everyone remembers and in the end, makes a big difference. 

A frame sign, Metal A frame sign, Sandwich board, Sidewalk sign, Pavement sign

Make Your Logo Stand Out on a Sidewalk Sign

These days everybody has some kind of sidewalk sign. Wether it is a basic pavement sign or a massive sandwich board. It's crowded and confusing, especially for your customers. The good thing for you is 90% of these people have the same sandwich board sign and no matter what their branding is like, it all blurs together. The metal a-frame sign allows you to display your branding in a unique manner making it pop out from the crowd of traditional sidewalk signs. It's an easy way to get noticed, especially in a busy market place. This is done well in this photo by Stella Janes Icecream.

A frame sign, Metal A frame sign, Sandwich board, Sidewalk sign, Pavement sign

A-Frame Sign Menu for Your Food Truck

We have designed the A-frame Sign so that it easily collapses when you want to store it. It's also very light and easy to carry so makes the perfect companion for those on the move. If you are a business that's constantly setting up and packing down, the sandwich board sign will very quickly become your best friend. Not only will your menu be the best looking but doesn't compromise functionality. 

We love hearing how people are using their A-Frame Signs so please get in touch with how you are using yours. Don't have an A-Frame Sign for your sidewalk sign? Head over to our store and grab a sidewalk sign to make your business stand out or your wedding memorable. If you are looking for a more permanent sign a great option is our Round Sign, check it out. 

Or if you are after a round sidewalk sign we also have the Welcome Sign.

Have a nice day from the George & Willy Team!

Phoebe Paterson