Although small, the Counter Signs are highly effective in displaying messages, with a simple, minimalist design to bring consistency throughout your space. We've picked our top five ways to use the small, countertop signs so you can get inspired.


Counter signs - till, cabinet and counter top price signs

Product pricing 

Whether in a retail space, gallery or food store, the Counter Signs can be used in a number of locations to display pricing, which can be updated easily with the use of the magnetic numbers and letters, by using a chalk pen, or made permanent with vinyl stickers. For bread or pastries in a bakery, olives and cheese in a delicatessen, or jewellery and homewares in a shop, the price signs can clearly and easily let customers know how much each product costs, without the need for swing tags or individual stickers. 

Highlight specials

Use the Counter Signs to promote daily specials or offers on your countertop, displaying a message or price to encourage a last-minute purchase. You might have a limited supply of delicious baked goods which would go perfectly with a coffee, or want to offer a great deal on a particular product. Having the Counter Signs on your till space is a simple, effective and non-pushy way to upsell that may well get you a few extra sales.


Counter signs - till, cabinet and counter top price signs

Reserved signs on tables 

Discreet enough to blend in with the décor, but obvious enough to send an effective message, the Counter Signs can be used as minimalist reserved signs to let customers know where they can take a seat, and which tables are taken. Use the supplied magnetic letters to spell it out, write it in chalk, or have your local sign writer add a vinyl decal to your cabinet sign. 

Minimalist and functional wedding signage 

Available in black and white, the Counter Signs could be used as stylish and minimalist place cards at a wedding, with guest’s names or table numbers added to each one. As well as being effective minimalist wedding signage, the Counter Signs could also be used at other and special occasions to let guests know where to sit, with a design to suit any theme and style. 


Ceramics stall at market stall pricing display Counter Signs

Image via @slab_ceramics.

Temporary signage 

Being small and light, the Counter Signs are the perfect tabletop signs to use if you need to change them around regularly, if you’re taking your business on the road to a market or show, for example. The tabletop signs can also be stacked on top of each other, which will take up less room and be more likely to stay safe in transit. 

For more signage small enough to sit on your till, table or countertop, have a look at our Countertop SignWooden Tabletop Sign and Circle Sign. For something a little bit different, our Specials Board is a great peg letter display that's versatile, unique and would suit any space.

Phoebe Paterson