Christmas rolls around and you are either the ‘it’s-November-and-I've-done-my-Christmas-shopping’ person or the ‘leave-it-last-minute’ type of person. Each year, the build up to Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier, the Christmas carols start in November, the perfect tree is chosen in October, and the lights are still up from the previous year. While you may think festive celebrations are starting far too early, here are five reasons you should start your Christmas shopping as soon as possible:

Shipping Delays. Don’t make the mistake of thinking there will be time to order later on. When everyone has the same idea, you’ll be gifting IOUs and printing off an image of the gift that hasn’t arrived yet. This year is it vital to consider ordering presents well in advance. We are still seeing huge disrupts across the globe due to Covid-19, it’s better to order early rather than risk your gift not arriving in time.

Be nice to your bank account. December hits, we are about to take some time off work, and we watch our bank account start to steadily decrease with all the last-minute Christmas shopping we have done. If you start purchasing now, you have options to pay off presents over time in the lead up to Christmas. 

Mid-year sales. Throughout the year there are some great sales to take advantage of. If you are thinking about gifts now, you could catch some great bargains! You can see our sales here.

Reduced Stress. Once it’s done, you can then focus on the enjoyment surrounding the Christmas holidays without the tension or apprehension of not being organised or having so much to do. I like making lists to ensure I don't forget anyone or miss important things. The Daily Roller is perfect for this! With all the shopping complete, you can focus on spending time with your family and eating delicious food.

Beat the crowds. No more late nights in malls and long queues. No more missing out on Christmas wrapping paper and having to use Birthday paper. No more fighting for a carpark and battling traffic rushing to stores. This should be reason enough to start Christmas shopping early!

 We love kraft paper wrapping and decorating with string/ribbon!

George Wilkins