As the name suggests, the Magnetic Menu Board works perfectly for menu displays, but thats not to say it can’t be adopted for plenty of other purposes. Inspired by our childhood, we've reapplied the novelty of magnetic letters into a playful design for your interiors. Have a read of our top six ways to use a Magnetic Menu Board in your home, workplace, bar or eatery.

Showcasing a menu

Mount the rails on the wall of your cafe, bakery, restaurant or bar and display your menu in a fun, simple and elegant way. The magnetic letters are reminiscent of childhood fun, with a playful design which can easily be changed, perfect for a menu that changes with the seasons, or as your offerings develop, grow and evolve.

Baker Menu | Magnetic Letters | Menu Board Display

Keeping time 

Use the Magnetic Menu Board as a timetable, whether it changes daily, weekly or occasionally. It's perfect for displaying the times and locations of classes or events going on in a gym, office, church or school, and the choice of rail colours and letters means it can be adapted to suit any space. - The Magnetic Menu Board functioning beautifully as a timetable.

Notes and to-dos

Add your reminders and to-do lists to your Magnetic Menu Board wall display and there’s no chance they’ll be forgotten. The process of putting the magnetic letters on the rails is a fun activity in itself, (and may be considered a form of procrastination), but making lists is proven to make tasks feel more manageable, and it’ll feel especially good when you tick off those to-dos. The Magnetic Menu Board could also be used to make a rundown of the kid’s chores at home, with the added fun of taking the magnetic letters off as and when the tasks are completed.


Messages to a loved one

Much more heartfelt and meaningful than a sticky note on the fridge, the Magnetic Menu Board wall display could be used to share messages with your partner, family or friends, conveying notes of love, good luck, poetry and happy birthdays. Find a spot in your home or workplace where it’ll be easily noticed each day and use the magnetic letters to your heart’s content.

A calendar of events

Add important upcoming dates to the Magnetic Menu Board and you'll be reminded of them every day. Birthdays, deadlines, anniversaries or studio bookings, use the Magnetic Menu Board as a wall planner and make sure everyone in your home or workspace is on the same page and organized for the coming weeks or months.

@five_eighths using our Magnetic Menu Board as signage in the workplace.

To display pricing

Not only does it reduce the need for each item to have its own label and price tag, using the Magnetic Menu Board to display pricing in your store will ensure your products are truly showcased, listed one-by-one, and the magnetic letters are easily changeable with fluctuating stock levels and prices. 

Product pricing at @electriccoffeehouse 

Need a larger menu board for your cafe, business or home? Multiple Magnetic Menu Boards can be stacked or mounted alongside each other for a bigger wall display. For a smaller option, the Scout Menu Board is our smallest letter board and has scrabble-inspired letters for displaying your menu or inspirational quotes. 

We also have the Atelier Letter Board, which consists of changeable aluminum display lettering, available in classic black or timeless bronze.

Phoebe Paterson