We are very happy to introduce Megan Wyper from ACMEMegan takes hospitality and residential cups, mugs, saucers, and more, to the next level. We got the chance to ask her about her role at ACME and exciting plans moving forward. 

How do you describe Acme to a friend?
We have fun creating products that we love. If I was trying to really impress them and be like a total business person I’d say: Acme is a company that designs functional products that adhere to the design ideals of form and function. What is your role in Acme?  I’m the Acme Marketing and Sales Manager, however being that we’re a small company and like many small companies, I wear many hats - which isn’t a complaint, give me all the hats. please. 

Where did the name come from?
Jeff, Acme founder, liked the word as it could mean anything, an anonymous. brand beep beep!

What's your favourite George & Willy product and why?
Well we at Acme love the Wooden Peg Board! We spend more time than necessary rearranging our cups on them… and the Drying Rack, love the Hanging Drying Rack. I will have this in my home one of these days!


Wooden Peg Board
ACME x George & Willy Wooden Peg Board

What is your favourite colour and why?

It’s always been the Whale, however, I prefer combos of colours, like the Whale and the Weka - or the Whale and the new Kawakawa or Whale and the Clay together. Yeah, I think Whale is my favourite. with the Kawakawa coming in a close second. Milk third.

You recently changed the finger hole/handle on your mugs - can you tell us a little bit about that? 
When we had to change factories a few years ago we took it as an opportunity to really tune up a few things that we had been talking about changing for a while. When we design we always look to see how we can make improvements - we’re always looking to make things better - the handle was one of the components that we could make more functional. A decent size handle that could fit a finger all the way through and of course felt balanced with the cup. It’s used across all ranges so again everything integrates and feels complete.
How did Acme get so much traction overseas?
A bunch of things, timing being the number one - The early days of Instagram and having a product that was different. Cups for cafes had always been very basic: White, Red, Brown and Black then Acme came along and brought colour.  

What's on the cards for Acme next? 
We’re creating new products with an ‘at home’ feeling, while also keeping our first love, hospitality in mind. Like our new mug ranges all fit our saucers, so that they can be used in cafes with all of our ranges - no need to purchase extra saucers for new products as everything integrates with everything. There’s that functional thing I mentioned earlier… 

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell first-year-in-business Megan if you had the chance? 

As cheesy as it might sound, and it’s been said 1000 times before - it’s simple, you just have to block out the noise, trust your first instinct and speak up. See, told you, simple. 

Feel free to enter the discount code ACME15 at checkout for 15% off your order of beautiful cups, cutlery and more. Don't forget to let ACME know that George & Willy sent you :)
Have a great day!
Phoebe Paterson