Meet Kassi Gray from Portland, Oregon.

As co-director of Bright Night Design, a PR and events agency, Kassi has worked with the likes of the Ace Hotel, Nike, Kinfolk Magazine, Krug Champagne and the Portland Art Museum.  She's a dab hand at throwing a party and we caught up with her...


Tell us a bit about yourself and Bright Night Design?

I've been in pr/event production for most of my career in places like Southern California, New Zealand, The Middle East & Portland, Oregon. I have always loved design & creating experiences for people, whether that's hosting a gathering in my backyard or producing an installation for people to experience. At Bright Night, we like to focus on a boutique approach to event production & environment design along with designing & creating installations. Essentially, we like being a one-stop shop, partly because we're control freaks but mostly because are obsessed with making guests feel transported when they come into one of our events or installations. We like to make things Magical AF.
When did you start Bright night and what motivated you to do so?
 In 2014, I moved to Portland after a year of working on some big projects and events in Doha, Qatar and I was ready to start doing more intimate work and focus on projects that I resonated with. After freelancing and doing pickup work for a few months, my sister-in-law and good friend, Jena Gray Gunderson, and I were working together on a few projects and really loving that so we decided to make it a thing. From there, we started Bright Night Design. She comes from the restaurant & wine industry so we've always resonated on hospitality and the importance of good ambiance. 
What is important to you in a working environment?
Good light and open space. If the lighting is bad, there's only so much you can do to create an experience. We also do a lot of large overhead installations so the higher the ceiling, the better for us! You'll often find me 30 feet in the air on a scissor lift, wearing a tool belt. When I'm working at my desk, I pretty much always like to have a beverage in my hand.. coffee or a glass of wine, depending on whether or not it's before noon :)
What inspires you?
 The usual suspects- literature, music, nature, art, fashion, people.
Best way to start the day?
Cuddling on the sofa with my daughter, Hunter, at the crack of dawn while she chows on toast and plays with my hair.

What's your favorite George and Willy product?
Seriously all of the George & Willy products are so well designed- I really do love them all. But currently, I'm pretty obsessed with my new Daily Roller!
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