The Hanging Menu Board is a magnetic signage option designed to display your regularly changing menu or message. Created to be easily reversible, the wall-mounted menu is a popular option for businesses wanting to display their offering in a unique and creative way.

It’s a popular item in the George & Willy range, so we’ve put together our favourite ways to use the magnetic sign in case you’re in need of a little inspiration.

Installing the George and Willy Hanging Menu Board


Menu Display

From espressos and croissants, to salads and sushi bowls, add your food and drinks menu to the Hanging Menu Board to share your offering with customers, or showcase your daily changing specials with the use of magnetic letters. It could be installed behind the counter, or in different locations around your cafe or restaurant. If your menus change regularly, it's best to use magnetic letters to spell them out, but you could also opt to add a vinyl sticker for showcasing a more permanent menu.

The Hanging Menu Board - George & Willy

Multiple menus

If you’re going from daytime to evening and want to change your menus, the steel faceplate can be unclipped and flipped around, seamlessly switching from coffee to cocktails in one easy flip. This would also be great for going between different mealtimes, easily progressing from breakfast to lunch, or from lunch to dinner.

The Hanging Menu Board - can be flipped around to display multiple menus

Storefront Signage

Install your Hanging Menu Board on the front of your building and apply your business logo to capture attention, or as a sign to let customers know your opening hours. It could also feature a daily-changing message or quote spelt out using magnetic letters. If you’re installing the message board on the exterior of a building, we’d recommend bringing the sign in each evening to save it being damaged or going missing.

The Hanging Menu Board as a shop sign

Stacked side-by-side

Install multiple Hanging Menu Boards side-by-side to share a few messages or menus at the same time. From distilleries and breweries, to florists and boutiques, multiple menu boards would work well in any space, providing a full menu, timetable, or product pricing.

Hanging Menu Board

Suspended from the ceiling

There are no limits to where your Hanging Menu Board could be installed! We designed the sign to be easily installed to your walls and ceiling, so you can incorporate it wherever you like. The Hanging Menu Board could be installed on the ceiling and used as directional signage, positing customers in the right direction of where to order, how to find the toilets, or where to try something on. Please bear in mind that the board will hang approximately 850mm or 33.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the menu board, so make sure there’s enough space for people to pass underneath.

The Hanging Menu Board can be hung from the ceiling

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Phoebe Paterson