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Dieses shopfront-Schild ist eine neue Interpretation des traditionellen Sandwichbretts. Ein minimalistisches Metall-Straßenschild mit abnehmbarem Regal, das bei Ihren Kunden einen guten ersten Eindruck hinterlassen soll.

Bitte beachten Sie: Dieses Schild ist nicht mit Magneten kompatibel.


Sign Height: 65cm/25.59”
Sign Face: 37cm/14.4” (H) X 47cm/18.5” (W)
Shelf Surface Area: 47cm/18.5" (H) x 14cm/5.5" (W)
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5.4kgs / 11.9lbs


Does the Storefront Sign arrive branded?

All our Signs arrive blank, but we offer advice on powder-coating and decal printing for creating custom signs tailored to your needs.

Does the shopfront sign arrive assembled?

The pavement sign does not arrive assembled, but it's super easy to put together, and comes with simple instructions and everything you need to get up and running in no time!

Can I use a pen on the shop sign?

We would not recommend using any kind of pen on the Sidewalk Sign. To add a decal, get in touch with your local signwriter who will be able to help.

Is the large A-Frame sign suitable for high wind areas?

The sidewalk A-frame Sign is suitable for low to mid wind areas.

What other Signage options does George & Willy sell?

We sell a range of signs for all types of businesses, from cafes and restaurants to shops and workshops. For a few different variations of Wall Signs, take a look at our Round Light Box Sign, Large Store Sign, and Blade Sign Range

For more styles of Freestanding Signs, we've got the Circle Sidewalk Sign, Rounded Sidewalk Sign, and for a taller, lollipop-style sign, the Standing Round Sign. Take a look at our full range of metal business signs for more.

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