Meet Michael Gardenia, the brains behind Milan based creative studio, Fusillo Labs.

Launched in 2016, Fusillo Labs is a Milanese creative studio that specialises in content creation and beautiful photography. Michael, who used to work on his own photos from home, was inspired to create a photography studio space that had authenticity at its heart, a space that wasn't styled to look authentic but was simply authentic in itself. 

Michael has been a George and Willy fan for a while now, and the Lab uses their Studio Roller and Letter Display daily. We catch up with him below...


What is it that you guys do?

Fusillo is a creative studio based in Milan, we specialise in photography and content creation. We like our content to develop naturally around real experiences that reflect our values and our love for quality, revolving around the worlds of food, coffee, design, and travel.

What do you like about the G&W aesthetic?

We like the fact that it’s minimalistic while maintaining a tactile and warm feeling. It’s clear that your products are made to last and they are designed with functionality in mind, which is why they ended up becoming essentials here at Fusillo.

Which products do you have?

We have a Letter Display and a Studio Roller.

What do you use your Letter Display for and what do you enjoy about it?

We put our Letter Display right at the entrance of the studio, so it’s one of the first things a visitor sees. What we write on it changes quite often, depending on whether there’s a shoot or event at the Lab. At the moment it reads: “This studio runs on creativity and coffee”, but during events, we change it up with some info about the event itself. We really enjoy the versatility of the Letter Display: not only can we write anything we want on there, but it can also be mounted in different ways, depending on what you prefer. We decided to double-space the rods, and we love that look.

You also have a Studio Roller, what do you guys use this for?

We use it especially to announce new events and projects, but it can also double as a portrait background during photoshoots. When we host photography workshops, it instantly becomes the perfect blackboard, so it's safe to say it's very versatile.

Letter Display Installation from George and Willy on Vimeo.

What would be your top tips for staying organised?

Write lists. Once it’s written, you will be reminded to do it or at least think about it, so it will eventually get done. Lists are great in order to prioritise certain projects and doing one task at a time, which usually leads to more focused results than multitasking. 

How do you stay creative and keep your workplace inspiring?

It’s easy for us to stay creative in such an aesthetically pleasing environment and we are always enjoying the little things like watering the plants in the morning or making a coffee. We find it important to do something we enjoy each day, even if it’s simple.


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