How to Start a Fire Without  a Lighter

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One thing which all humans have is a love for fire - it's in our blood.


You light a fire at a party and within a few minutes, everyone is drawn to it.


You walk into a room with a fire and you don’t want to leave.


We get close and stare and usually just talk about how cool fire is.


Everyone can light a fire with the traditional way, with newspaper and kindling. Its actually really fun and satisfying - a welcome weekly winter activity.


However, we feel that fires are not for once a week. Let’s have more fires.


I grew up having a fire every night in winter and sometimes before school and work.


To have more fires it needs to be as easy as turning on the heater - which is exactly what we have done.


Removed the time it takes and removed the uncertainty of ‘Is it even going to light?’


It will take you under 20 seconds and you can go and do something else knowing she is going to be roaring.


The firestarter is the easiest way to light your fire.


Just give it a go and if you do decide you would rather keep it old school, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund (within 30 days)


If you have any questions - flick us an email or give us a buzz and we’ll sort you out.


We have the firelighter in stock and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.


You can purchase the firelighter via this link here


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