Every Friday lunchtime at George & Willy, it is someones turn to do show and tell. Last week I (George) did a show and tell about helicopters. My brother Patrick has always had a huge interest in helicopters and after years of listening to him, part of the knowledge and interest has passed on to me.

Our workshop in the mount looks out towards the airport, so we are always watching the helicopters coming in and out with great interest. During the show and tell I therefore decided that a knowledge of the different types of helicopters commonly seen in NZ was imperative. This lead to Sam Baker drawing up a poster of the different helicopter types, which in turn lead to a game being started where the first to spot and name the type of helicopter gets a point on the tally. 

Now every time a helicopter is heard, there is a sprint either to the window or outside, followed by everyone yelling out the type of helicopter is in the air. Currently, Jonty and I are on 5 points each, with Jarred on 3 and Will on 1. I'm not sure what the others have been up to. We lost the first tally a few weeks ago so have recently started a new one.


The window in the office where we see the helicopters landing and taking off.

The helicopter identification chart drawn up by Sam Baker. (feel free to email us with any changes or other common helicopters).

Above: Squirrel flying over White Island

Above: Jet Ranger

Above: Squirrel parked on White Island

Above: Jet Ranger parked on White Island

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Andrew BetterShipping