We spend a lot of time with our legs under the desk.

No more than previous generations but now we are more aware of our space and the effect that it has on our mood and output.

Here are a few easy things you can do to turn your office into a productivity playground.


Polaroid Wall

We have our polaroid camera sitting there waiting to be picked up to snap visitors and moments - a tangible form of instagram which is always fun to look back on.




Indoor Swing

The swing was one of our first products and still one of our favourites.

They bring the inner child out in us, good for your morning coffee debrief.

High ceilings and big trusses are common in workspaces and are waiting for a swing to be hung (they also work well in regular ceilings) - a bit of rope and a block of wood - you will be able to make one of these in your garage at home.




Indoor Greenery

It's always nice to have a pop of green in amongst the monochrome furniture. We are currently working on a system for this - check it out here and register your interest


A place to scribble 

A communal canvas for people to write ideas, plans, goals etc.

Get off the screen and into action. Our Studio Roller is also a good option for this.




Table tennis, pool, cornhole or anything are all good to get the blood moving.

William McCallum